What is the relationship between Pheromones and Humans? Pheromones are produced naturally by your body and secreted through your pores at many locations of your body. Unfortunately as we get older our bodies produce less and less pheromones. You can do several things to help increase Pheromones that are produced naturally. Exercising produces pheromones. Ever wonder why so many relationships start at gyms? But when we shower after our workout we wash away all those pheromones. Sweat glands produce pheromones, but the sweat soon starts to degrade and turns into a rancid smell. We also add deodorants and antiperspirants to cover and block these natural pheromones. Pheromones are contained in all bodily fluids. These bodily fluids are rarely embraced as acceptable, and we block and wash them away as quickly as they come.


You can add Pheromones to your body by using a Pheromones fragrance. Pheromones fragrances are created by replicating the natural human Pheromone scent given off instinctively by men and women to stimulate sensual attraction from the opposite sex. It is not a rancid smell, it is pleasant smelling. It is based on the natural scent given off by the body before it begins to degrade. Pheromone fragrances can increase pheromones levels that have naturally decreased with age. It can tilt conditions in your favor in attracting a partner too you. Try SAFE AND EFFECTIVE PHEROMONES to increase your level!


About pheromonerealguy

*I am a real guy that has tried many pheromone products and I want to share my experiences and knowledge of pheromones, dating and relationships with others, so they don't make the same mistakes I did. I am not a company...I am a real guy. *Soy un tipo real que ha probado muchos productos de feromonas y quiero compartir mis experiencias y el conocimiento de las feromonas, citas y relaciones con los demás, para que no cometan los mismos errores que yo. Yo no soy una empresa ... soy un tipo real.
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