What is the mystique of the “Latin Lover”?

Latin lovers have been cherished by many women for decades. These men are not only very sensual and manly (unlike many other ethnic men) but most women consider them gorgeous, with their warm golden skin and dark bedroom eyes. But is it just their looks or do they have certain secret weapons? One blogger told me several reasons why women are attracted to these men and many had nothing to do with their looks.

  • First she said they are romantic and sensual. She emphasized on sensuality and not just sexuality. She said “They know the difference between sensual and sexual and most other men do not.”
  • She spoke about their accent and language. “It is beyond sexy”
  • Then she spoke about strength of their pheromones and their sensual instinct they get from the power of their pheromones.

I wondered if this all was true, and if Latina women possess the same qualities and strength of their pheromones?


About pheromonerealguy

*I am a real guy that has tried many pheromone products and I want to share my experiences and knowledge of pheromones, dating and relationships with others, so they don't make the same mistakes I did. I am not a company...I am a real guy. *Soy un tipo real que ha probado muchos productos de feromonas y quiero compartir mis experiencias y el conocimiento de las feromonas, citas y relaciones con los demás, para que no cometan los mismos errores que yo. Yo no soy una empresa ... soy un tipo real.
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5 Responses to What is the mystique of the “Latin Lover”?

  1. Eileen McShane says:

    I love latin men. Antonio Banderas is so hot. I wonder if he uses pheromones???? I have tried them in the past with moderate success. Maybe it’s time to try them again. Any recommendations out there?

  2. Maria Telada says:

    Eileen, I use Instinto Sensual and love it. Give it a try. I wear it only when I go out on social occasions and I can get close to the men I am interested in meeting. Don’t believe all the shit you read about walking into a room with the “mones” on and men just falling at your feet. It gives me confidence to approach men that I would have never had the courage to approach before, Latin Lovers included. Good Luck!!!!

  3. romanticme says:

    In order to attract someone, one seriously needs to take at one own self. What do I mean? If you tend to yourself and work out, dress well and smile and welcome small talk, a man will talk to you. A smile tells a man, there may be a chance you could talk to them. Confidence is a real turn on for both – a confident man, can walk right up to a girl and say anything while the opposite is exactly that, the opposite. If you wear perfume or cologne, it has to be a tad not too much or overwhelming.

    Dress accordingly. For me, a woman who wears high heels is a turn on and then you touch that with a sexy dress or skirt, that can go a long way. Pants are sexy but be sure they are low cut, so that there is a little bit of waist play to see. Its sexy.

    Hair, women, please let your hair down. Tied up always a turn off.

    Some of us even welcome the you the woman to come and talk to us if you’re interested.

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