Will pheromones increase my sexual attraction?

They can help significantly. By adding a pheromone fragrance to your cosmetic preparation for a social night out, you will definitely see a difference in how people see you and how you are now noticing their acknowledgement of your presence.  It will raise your confidence and allow you to put yourself in a better position to meet a partner. It will make you more sexually attractive to them.


About pheromonerealguy

*I am a real guy that has tried many pheromone products and I want to share my experiences and knowledge of pheromones, dating and relationships with others, so they don't make the same mistakes I did. I am not a company...I am a real guy. *Soy un tipo real que ha probado muchos productos de feromonas y quiero compartir mis experiencias y el conocimiento de las feromonas, citas y relaciones con los demás, para que no cometan los mismos errores que yo. Yo no soy una empresa ... soy un tipo real.
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2 Responses to Will pheromones increase my sexual attraction?

  1. Gina P. says:

    I found out after dating my boyfriend for a while that he used Pheromone oil when I first met him. He used “Instinto Sensual” pheromone oil(http://www.instintosensual.com/). We had sex in the car of the parking lot that first night we met. So this stuff works. I refuse to let him wear it when he is not with me.

    • Wow, I am glad your “Instinto Sensual” led you to a happy experience with your boyfriend. I have heard this story before, and have experienced a similar outcome myself. Life is to short to just sit back and let all the “fun” pass you by.

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