Will Pheromones Make You Irresistible To The Opposite Sex?

Irresistible no. But they can help. Many Pheromone products claim that their products will make you irresistible even if you are” short, fat, ugly, no money, and a personality of a dead toad, you can still score big time.”  If a product says that, then let that be your “red flag” for avoiding wasting your money on it. No pheromone product can do that. Pheromone products can help, but you still have to do some work on your own. When wearing your Pheromone oil, be confident and put yourself in a social position so you can interact with people. Get close and engage in conversation, then they will pick up on your pheromone scent and it can go to work.  Good luck, and let me know how you do.


About pheromonerealguy

*I am a real guy that has tried many pheromone products and I want to share my experiences and knowledge of pheromones, dating and relationships with others, so they don't make the same mistakes I did. I am not a company...I am a real guy. *Soy un tipo real que ha probado muchos productos de feromonas y quiero compartir mis experiencias y el conocimiento de las feromonas, citas y relaciones con los demás, para que no cometan los mismos errores que yo. Yo no soy una empresa ... soy un tipo real.
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2 Responses to Will Pheromones Make You Irresistible To The Opposite Sex?

  1. Bob T, says:

    I am not a good looking guy, but I tried pheromones from (http://instintosensual.com) and my confidence level now allows me to get many women I never got before. I do feel like I have an edge on the other better looking guys now.

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