Do Pheromones Work?

Do Pheromones work?

Pheromones do work. But it is not an exact science. Pheromones can work for some people, and for others they will not. Just as Pheromones can have an effect (to attract) on certain individuals and others it will have no effect. Studies have shown that Pheromones can have an effect on people based on whether or not they have a functioning VNO (vomeronasal organ). This organ is in the nasal cavity (pit) and can sense the pheromones given off by an individual of the same species.  Pheromones are sometimes referred to as the “sixth sense”. This organ sends signals directly to the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus controls the body’s thermostat, as well as the body’s neuroendocrine system which controls aspects of reproductive physiology and behavior. It is also true that some pheromones are detected by the main olfactory system (sense of smell) as well. Some scientific studies have shown that 28% to 59% of adult humans still have a functioning VNO, although some scientists believe that these studies have sometimes missed or even misidentified the VNO (vomeronasal organ) and the percentages are much higher. So Pheromones do work!


About pheromonerealguy

*I am a real guy that has tried many pheromone products and I want to share my experiences and knowledge of pheromones, dating and relationships with others, so they don't make the same mistakes I did. I am not a company...I am a real guy. *Soy un tipo real que ha probado muchos productos de feromonas y quiero compartir mis experiencias y el conocimiento de las feromonas, citas y relaciones con los demás, para que no cometan los mismos errores que yo. Yo no soy una empresa ... soy un tipo real.
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8 Responses to Do Pheromones Work?

  1. Roy says:

    Thanks for sharing some honest incite. Because I am so confused about this pheromone shit. Tell me more

  2. annasette says:

    do pheromones work….of course

  3. lenny lonstein says:

    i always get asked that question “do pheromones work”? im tired of answering…..find out for yourself

  4. Feromonas says:

    si funcione bien

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